One of the more versatile and easy to use page modules is the text module. It lets you use flash friendly HTML and CSS to create totally custom pages with very little effort.

But this goes a little further than your average content page. First off it is easy to use. No little thin scrollbar to find and grab on to, this is fully mouse wheel enabled. Just about any navigation you need to do within any of our templates' page modules is handled naturally and easily with the mouse wheel that people expect to use when scrolling a page. And it's not just if your mouse is over the text, the whole page accepts the scrolling...again...like people expect. Most people just scroll around the page without realizing most flash sites doesn't work quite that easily, and that's how it should be!

Another way this text module is different from most is the special way you can use anchor links to navigate within the template! Not only can you make a link navigate within the template, but in the HTML backup/mobile version of the site the link will be automatically translated into the proper HTML link and function properly there too!

Help files that teach you a little about in-flash HTML & CSS are included, but you can include images (and even use an image tag to include a swf!) or bullet lists, style text any color or size you want, and in general lay out your page as you wish!

Time to Talk About Backgrounds

You must have noticed by now that there are beautiful full-browser backgrounds that can be different for every page. But did you also know that this template is fully capable of using video or swfs as page backgrounds? Yep, use any animated swf, or any flv, f4v, H.264 mp4 or any other type of flash friendly video! And for the more austere among us, you can also leave your backgrounds blank. This is useful not only to make a site that's a little more clean, but also if you want to handle the background within a custom swf or custom module that you make! And you can mix and match! One page can be video, the next a swf, the next an image, the next blank!

There's also tons of background effects available such as a slideshow of images, blinds transitions, glimmering blinds effects, subtle bokeh and particle effects...there's TONS you can do with backgrounds!

Fullscreen button, and mp3 player

First off, either of them can be shut off. I want the template to be as feature rich as possible and that's why I included them, but to be honest for most sites you should disable the music player and fullscreen button. They look cool, but most website visitors really don't want either! But they are easy to disable in the XML.

But since I'm so focused on usability if you do decide to leave the mp3 player or fullscreen button in, there's a few good things that the template will do to make sure no user has problems. For fullscreen whenever a user makes a video fullscreen it checks to see if the user was in fullscreen already and remembers to keep the site fullscreen even after they click to go out of the fullscreen video. It also knows when a user is trying to fill out the contact form in fullscreen mode (where text input is not allowed by flash) and notifies them so they know why it's not working! Pretty smart for a website eh? Well it also can remember what volume your users set your mp3 player to and use that volume for that visitor every time they visit unless they change it again. Really smart!